Monique Fortune

Health Coach

Monique passionately started sharing her knowledge as a Health Coach in December 2020

Co-Founder of
Pure Source Alignment

Monique’s Profile

Mother, started two business, bachelor in ECE

November 2019

Started walking the Medical Medium path November 2019, based in Auckland, New Zealand

Battled Chronic Symptoms

50 plus symptoms – scroll down to see more

Life Saving Moments

What really happened with your Health?

What did you go through?

How Have You Tried To Heal?

[I’m currently writing my novel of what I have overcome, please check back very shortly]

What Worked?

[Coming very very soon]

What truly Worked?

The Medical Medium! A true miracle, his info saved my life.
I’ve had a lot of Celery Juice, with more to come 🙂