WorkShop Pricing

Pricing for Workshops

These workshops clarify who the Medical Medium is and why his information is totally refreshing and unique!

Depending on your selected workshop, you’ll get answers to why the landscape in health has change forever and what this means to you, we’ll also explain the plague of symptoms that society is facing;
Eczema, Diabetes, Depression, Lyme, PMS and Menopause, Anxiety, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Acne, PTSD, Autism and ME/CFS.

Group Coaching Process

Three easy steps to your Group Coaching


Initial Call

We’ll explain how we can help you
and to confirm suitability for each other


Booking, Payment
& Joining Fee

Your monthly video-call seat, is confirmed once payment of Group Coaching $71 (NZD) and ‘joining fee’ $65 (NZD) have both been received, $136 (NZD) total


Group Coaching

Your Group Coaching session.
Congratulations on your investment


Payment & Workshop Questions

When Is The Payment Required & How Much?

The cost for the Workshops are as listed and in NZD, however if your are attending our workshop at a Festival then your ticket cost would normally (unless stated) cover your entry cost.

Online Webinar payment:
Payment is to be made before the Online Webinar event.

Festival payment:
Your Festival ticket cost would normally (unless stated) cover your entry cost to the workshop event.

Classroom payment:
There is a minimum cover charge for the Classroom Workshop, plus depending on the location, travel, travel time and accommodation costs.
The Healing Truths workshops cover is $1,496 ( 8 people ).
1/3 deposit is required to secure the event, the remaining 2/3 payment is to be made on the day of the Classroom event.

When payment has been received you will get a confirmation email.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We happily accept the following, and also open to suggestions:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Crypto currency
  • Cash
  • Gold / Silver / Gem Stones
I Have Further Questions, How Do I Get In Contact?

Click on our contact page and fill out our contact form or email us directly at

We would love to hear from you

How Do I Join A Workshop?

You would start by filling out our enquiry form for either the Introduction or Healing Truths workshop on our website.

Once there is a number of people interested, we will then email you a proposed time and date to join the workshop.

The workshops will also be, listed on our calendar.

What Communication Can I Expect For An Online Webinar?

When payment is received you will get a confirmation email.

You will get a confirmation / reminder email 24 hours before the session, and additionally, a unique link for the video call will also be sent out one hour before the Online Webinar starts.

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