Health Coaching

Health Coaching Pricing

Package Pricing Plans

The ‘21 Day Pack’ includes a supportive introduction, covers your main health hurdles with understanding and explanations to what is going on, then you get delivery of clear actionable steps. The pack starts with a three hour Health Coaching session and then weeks later you get a Follow-up session, and depending on your payment plan, it may include a second Follow-up session.

Health Coaching Process

Three easy steps to your Health Coaching


Initial Call

We’ll explain how we can help you
and to confirm suitability for each other


Booking & Deposit

Confirm booking, either in-person or video-call.
1/3 of your payment is the deposit


Health Coaching

Your Health Coaching session.
Congratulations on your investment


Payment & Health Coaching Questions

When Is The Payment Deposit Required & How Much?

1/3 of your payment is required as a deposit. Once your deposit has been received by us, your Health Coaching is then confirmed and scheduled in.

When Do I Have To Make Payment?

After the deposit, the balance of payment depends of your payment plan.

If you are paying in full, then the balance is to be paid on the day of your Health Coaching. This would mean 2/3’s is to be paid.

If you have chosen the payment plan, then there are two more payments of 1/3 & 1/3 to make. The second payment of 1/3 is due 2 weeks after your deposit, and the third and final payment of 1/3 is due 4 weeks after your deposit.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We happily accept the following, and also open to suggestions:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Crypto currency
  • Cash
  • Gold / Silver / Gem Stones
I Have Further Questions, How Do I Get In Contact?

Click on our contact page and fill out our contact form or email us directly at

We would love to hear from you.

How Do Schedule A Health Coaching Session?

You would start by filling out our Health Coaching enquiry form on our website.

From there we will contact you for an Initial Call and address suitability towards each other and how we can help you.

After that, we look at a time & date to book, once your deposit has been received your Health Coaching is now confirmed and scheduled in.

How Do I Choose A Health Coach?

Please let us know If you have a particular preference for a Health Coach, let us know in the enquiry form.

Each Health Coach has their strengths with unique qualities. By default, depending on who you are and your health circumstance, we do our best to match the most suitable Health Coach to you, this should maximum healing results.

Do You Health Coach Two People? My Partner & I?

Yes, we can Health Coach two people at the same time.

In fact we encourage this, as it brings more people up to speed, which is very useful in households – saving partners time in explaining a new language.

Your Health Coaching Package will cost double, and includes double of everything; Health Coaching time & Follow-up time.

You will save time and money because the information is explained to you both (and not individually), therefore we can cover a lot more ground

Do You Take Health Coaching In Person?

Yes, we do Health Coaching in person. Come visit us in in Mairangi Bay, we prefer taking Health Coaching in person as there is more to pick up on.

When booking (after the enquiry form) for your Health Coaching, you can choose to have an in person visit or via video call.

Note: any ‘Follow-Up’ that is part of your package is done via video call.

Need 1 on 1 Support With Your Healing? Enquire with Us Today

Bring on Health Coaching that is super supportive, highly knowable and very experienced in this area of healing