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Healing Humanity

With information from purely good entities…

Pure Source Alignment carries the light to help others heal.

Birthed from the combined efforts of Monique Fortune & Shaun Spiers, siblings, who have each battled their own tsunami’s of health challengers, with chronic illness and over 50 plus symptoms each.

Pure Source Alignment, PSA for short, provides healing services based on the Medical Medium which predominately around food based therapy with soul work, and in addition to the Medical Medium we bring in energy work, bring through divine information where we can.

Our main focus is to to deliver life changing Health Coaching specialising in chronic illness recovery.

PSA offer Health Coaching for those who want direct help with their healing, and in addition Energy Readings that are the ultimate DIY tool providing you with you own path though the Medical Medium books, it can also give you understanding where you are currently in your health journey, its an amazing tools that give direction and clarity for action saving time, money and pain. We also offer Workshops.

PSA cuts out all the noise and directly deals to the root cause, accelerating your mental, physical & spiritual healing. Theses are life changing services based on unshakable divine health truths – rewiring what is ‘thought to be healthy.’

With us you gain understanding and practical steps that save you time and money; enabling more energy, clarity and resilience through life’s ups and downs.

Enquire today and let us work together, investing into you and your health.

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