Healing Steps

Healing Steps

How You Can Heal

12 steps to Alignment

Applying the Mortar

Steps 1 to 3
Are about understanding the Medical Medium his divine health knowledge and applying those foundations.

Building Form

Steps 4 to 6
Apply more of the Medical Mediums knowledge through out the week.

Adopting Expression

Steps 7 to 9
Apply more advance Medical Medium knowledge through out and bring in the basics of understanding energy.

Freedom to this Matrix

Steps 10 to 12
Applying the understanding of energy, manifesting, understanding of good and evil, look into different dimensions with the higher-self, angels, soul, spirit, and look into your purpose, and finally… understanding consciousness.

You are in Alignment

The cup is full, you are in flow, happiness is the default and service comes naturally.

Note: If your looking for God (the Light, the Divine ), God is woven through out and starts within the Medical Medium.

Steps 1 – 3: Applying the ‘mortar’

Understanding divine knowledge from the Medical Medium and applying those foundations

These steps are all about choices.
What choice? What will you choose?
Will you be compassionate to a stranger, hold the space for someone, have compassion for yourself, and maybe, just maybe choose good? Will you hunger for purpose? Will you hunger for truth? What is truth? What is good? Do you know what is wrong – what is truly wrong? … And is there a feeling with that? Maybe you felt it, maybe you didn’t? Why do you feel it, if you did, and why didn’t you feel it if you did not?

Where are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing it?
And is your understanding ABSOLUTE?

Questions? Sometimes more questions than answers …when you have the energy.
Either way… lets nourish ourselves and start, or continue these lines of questioning as we apply divine knowledge for health with the Medical Medium.

Steps One: Celery Juice

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Steps Two:

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Steps Three:

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