Shaun Spiers

Health Coach

Shaun started his first steps with Celery Juice, before immersing himself into the way of the Medical Medium.
He started Health Coaching in December 2020

Co-Founder of
Pure Source Alignment


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August 2019

Started walking the Medical Medium path August 2019, based in Melbourne, Australia

Battled Chronic Symptoms

60 plus symptoms – scroll down to see more

Life Saving Moments

What really happened with your Health?

What did you go through?


I’m in my mid 30s, traditionally an Electrical Automation Engineer. Doing projects for: Pfizer, GSK, CSL, Fonterra, Synlait, Tetra Pac, Gallagher & Integrated Control Technology.

Imagine for a moment…. you’re conducting business, dealing with customers and projects costing exorbitant amounts of money… but your face is peeling off…

It is FACT – The Medical Medium saved my life!

I’ve had over 60 symptoms…

Plus a few physical issues including ‘hunching-over,’ ‘hips locking up’ and EMF sensitivities.

How Have You Tried To Heal?

Here is a couple of tasters while I “write my novel” 😉
> Age 32, had done over 50 Colonic Irrigation, literally the bottom up approach.

> Pills, there were many pharmaceuticals for the acne and dry skin, started off at high school on Isotane (which is the newer version of Roaccutane ), then there was Doxycycline followed by a bunch of anti-histamines, and then, one of the most aggressive pills an auto-immune suppressant, Methotrexate, they give this to cancer patients.

> Appendix removed at age 11.

Allopathic medicine with the pills, creams and a line of specialists. The smiling dermatologists quite frankly look like scientists, “try this.”

These are some of alternatives I’ve tried; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Massage, Riki, Magnetic Healing, most forms of Yoga, Sound Healing, Art Of Living, Colonic Irrigations, enemas, juice cleanses, liver cleanses, goll-bladder flushes, psyche clearings, Tai-chi, cold showers, Wim Hof breathing, Church, Flame Tree, Flower Essences, gratitude journal, bring in the light, infrared saunas, urine therapy … etc

Psychologist, Counsellors, Mediation, Prayer and Yoga of the mind too

And then there were the diets:
Heavy meat “protein,” no sugar, elimination diets, GAPS, no salicylates, FODMAP, no night shades, “Mix type” with BePure as a VIP Client, etc.

[More to come, there is a lot to say…]

What Worked?

Some modalities worked and helped, others set me back months / years.
> I’m a huge fan of acupuncture, massage, colonics* irrigations, kinesiology and prayer.

For 5 years, starting in my late 20’s, you would consider me a ‘pin cushion’ with weekly acupuncture on top of other modalities.

…Yes, at some point I was “maintaining” my health, but why did I need to maintain my health more than others?
Why was I struggling more than others?

* those coffee (or caffeine based) colonics are bad news, but the standard or adding healing herbs, I feel are great.
[more to come]

What truly Worked?

The Celery Juice and other Medical Medium tools. His information is unique and gives great detail so you can navigate your healing, hold the faith, stay true and focused, you become the expert, and so no one else can persuade you to follow their conventional and alternative based theories.