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The ‘21 Day Pack’ includes a supportive introduction, covers your main health hurdles with understanding and explanations to what is going on, then you get delivery of clear actionable steps. The pack starts with a three hour Health Coaching session and then weeks later you get a Follow-up session, and depending on your payment plan, it may include a second Follow-up session.

Intuitive Reading Pricing

Package Pricing Plans

The Complete Starter Pack gives you the ultimate support and empowerment!
You’ll get guided directions for learning Medical Medium information and get key insight and understanding into your health hurdles. The information will also give you a healing direction that is unique to only you.

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We offer Intuitive Readings and Health Coaching

Intuitive Readings

Our ‘Complete Starter Pack’ is super powerful and supportive, it’s all about empowering you!

Health Coaching

Our ’21 Day Pack’ in Health Coaching is a super supportive introduction into this area of healing

Group Coaching

Affordable support with monthly group coaching sessions


Workshop webinars &
at Festivals

The Soul Journey

Etherial connection
(coming soon)


Kandy, Sri Lanka ??
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