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Spirit Festival: Intuitive Readings and Health Coaching

Spirit Festival Ariki Estate, 4192 Kaipara Coast Highway, Tauhoa, New Zealand

Come see Pure Source Alignment at Spirit Festival for empowerment! Intuitive Readings:  Free – Intuitive Liver checks.  Intuitive Readings – Complete Stater Pack.  Intuitive Readings – Explorer Session, 40 minutes for $67 (20mins of Intuitive Reading and 20mins explained how to best use what has come through).  Medical Medium books available for you to read. What are the benefits to an Intuitive Reading? Divine healing guidance. How healthy are you? Observes key areas explained by the Medical Medium. Saves you time, money and pain. Highlights areas of focus; with areas to heal, with reading / listening material, what you may

Earth Beat Festival: Workshop, Intuitive Readings and Health Coaching

Ātiu Creek Regional Park 414 Run Rd, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Come see us at the Earth Beat Festival for ultimate empowerment! Where we will be sharing our Workshop,  Intuitive Readings and Health Coaching Workshop: Our ‘Healing Truths with the Medical Medium’ workshop talks about the Medical Medium’s unique healing information. Workshop description: What is ME/CFS, Lupus, Acne, PMS, Hashimoto’s, Eczema, Diabetes? What does that label actually mean? Blaming your hormones or genes, or saying that your body is attacking itself, is NOT an answer. Why is this information so different and life-saving? The Medical Medium saved our lives, he got us out of chronic illness, each with 30 plus symptoms.