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Affordable support with monthly Group Coaching sessions, where we cover your main health hurdles with understanding and explanations to what is going on, and give feedback for your next steps.

During the Group Coaching you may like to talk about what you are doing and how your healing is going, with this you will be well supported and offered feedback for your journey … or… you may just listen 😉

The Group Coaching session is every second Sunday of the month, 9am to 12pm for 3 hours.

Group Coaching Process

Three easy steps to your Group Coaching


Enquiry Call

We’ll explain how we can help you
and to confirm suitability for each other


Booking, Payment
& Joining Fee

Your monthly video-call seat is confirmed once payment has been received


Group Coaching

Your Group Coaching session.
Congratulations on your investment


Payment & Group Coaching Questions

When Is The Payment Required & How Much?

Payment for Group Coaching is $71 per month.

You will get a confirmation / reminder email 24 hours before the session, and additionally, a unique link for the video call will also be sent out one hour before the Group Coaching starts.

When joining or re-joining (for those who have paused, or missed consecutive monthly payments) there is the $65 (NZ) joining fee to be paid on top of the Group Coaching (monthly) payment

When Do I Have To Make Payment?

Payment four days before the Group Coaching is suggested. Setting up an automatic payment might work best, as payment needs to be received 36 hours before Group Coaching starts.

When payment is received, a seat is reserved for you, this means you will be sent a link to join the Group Coaching video call, and have priority for next month’s spots.

You can stop paying at anytime. When payment is no longer received you spot is offered to the next person.

Spot: a place held for a person intending to join Group Coaching.
Seat: [payment received] you will be issued with a link to join the Group Coaching video call, and have priority for your next month’s spot.

If you can’t make the Group Coaching for that month, it is encouraged to still make payment to reserve you spot for the next month.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We happily accept the following, and also open to suggestions:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Crypto currency
  • Cash
  • Gold / Silver / Gem Stones
I Have Further Questions, How Do I Get In Contact?

Click on our contact page and fill out our contact form or email us directly at

We would love to hear from you

How Do I Schedule A Group Coaching Session?

You would start by filling out our Group Coaching enquiry form.

From there we will contact you for an Enquiry Call and address suitability towards each other and how we can help you.

After that, once your Group Coaching $71 (NZD) and initial ‘joining fee’ $65 (NZD) payments have both been received, you will have a seat reserved at the Group Coaching, a link to the video call will be emailed out 10 minutes before hand.

How Long Is The Waiting List?

We have a limited number of spots / seats available for the time allocated. This is to encourage intimacy within the group and to grant good contact time with the health coach for those healing.

If the waitlist is too long, we might consider extending or forming an other Group Coaching session, relevant to the health needs.

The heart of the Group Coaching is about encouraging intimacy with the same people, and holding small groups.

Unfortunately it is on a first come, first served, bases.

Spot: a place held for a person intending to join Group Coaching.
Seat: [payment received] you are issued with a link to the Group Coaching video call, and have priority for your next month’s spot.

Do You Take Private Group Coaching?

Yes, we can accomodate private Group Coaching.

3 – 6 people per private Group Coaching, either fortnightly or monthly frequency.

$71 per person per private Group Coaching session, with a minimum of 6 sessions purchased up front.

Minimum of 2 hours for 3 people, add extra 1/2 hour per additional person to the group.

More time (than the minimum) can be purchased in 1/2 hour blocks at rate of $85 per half an hour ( $170 / hr ). Please organise any additional time before the coaching.

For example
3 people want Private Group Coaching every month with an extra 1/2 hour of time.
= 3 x $71 + $85 = $298 per month for three people.
= $298 x 6 (minimum sessions ) = $1,788 up front, for Private Group Coaching of three people over 6 months.

There is no joining fee for Private Group Coaching

Do You Take Group Coaching In Person?

No, we don’t do Group Coaching in person.

All Group Coaching is done via video call.
Each person within the Group Coaching should have their own individual video and sound feed.

Please see the Private Group Coaching as an option.

Clients Feedback

Our Testimonials

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    Verity Griffiths
    Verity Griffiths

    Auckland, NZ

    I had struggled for 4 or 5 years… It is now approximately 4 months since I started with PSA and many of my symptoms have gone

      Daryl B.
      Daryl B.

      Whangarei, NZ

      Shaun is a valuable relatable health coach to have in your corner… He made the process very simple


        Auckland, NZ

        Moniques guidance & support was amazing, she helped me get my cycle back, post vax. Her relatable & reinforcing information gave me the confidence to start & continue with the Medical Medium.

          Maria Jenkins
          Maria Jenkins

          Auckland, NZ

          Through Shaun and the Medical Medium books I have learned so much about nutrition… Together, they have made everything regarding my health feel so much more solvable.

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